2710, 2018

Acupuncture and IVF

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  When couples pursue IVF, they want the best chances for achieving a viable pregnancy. These are the same couples that experience major life changes and will do anything humanly possible to have a baby. In Vitro Fertilization is known as an assisted reproductive technology or ART. The process consists of extracting eggs and retrieving sperm and combining them in a laboratory dish. The embryos are then transferred to the uterus. Conditions to Warrant IVF use: There are several conditions that warrant the use of IVF. Below are just a few of the more common reasons.          Damaged fallopian tubes.        Blocked fallopian tubes.        Ovulation disorders.        Uterine fibroids.        Absence of fallopian tubes.        Decreased sperm count.        Sperm mobility issues.        Couples with a history of genetic disorders.        Infertility issues that are unexplained. Acupuncture and Infertility Although acupuncture and herbal medicine may not “cure” a specific infertility issue it may help with certain procedures. Acupuncture has been proven time and again to aid in successful IVF procedures. How does acupuncture and IVF work? Dova Center for Health and Healing understands how important IVF is to couples. It is important to have your body functioning at peak performance so that your IVF procedure has the [...]

1610, 2018

Cold and Flu Season

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Cold and Flu Season The Cold and Flu Season is just around the corner - are you ready? The cold and flu season shows up quickly in Colorado. The kids are back to school, sharing germs, coworkers are still traveling and picking up germs, and the weather is cooling off which can be tricky to plan for, especially in Colorado. There is no need to fear the cold and flu season. As long as you are prepared to go into the cold and flu season feeling strong, you have a better chance of not getting sick. And, if you do get sick, it won't last that long as long as you prepared for it. What are some things you can do to boost your immune system during cold and flu season? Sleep - our bodies need more sleep in the winter. Give yourself adequate rest time as well. If you normally sleep 7-8 hours each night, try to add another 1-2 hours during the winter. Yes, seriously:) Exercise - even though it's colder outside, it's important to keep your circulation moving and to keep your stress level in check. Fresh air is key as well as getting cardio. [...]

310, 2018

Migraines- What are they?

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Migraines cause severe head pain that may be accompanied by a myriad of other symptoms that can be disabling. Migraine symptoms may include the following:        Vomiting        Nausea        Tingling and tingling        Sensitivity to sound        Sensitivity to light        Difficulty speaking Migraines often are found to run in families and recent medical studies have identified certain genetic mechanisms. Migraines are suffered by individuals of all ages and are often not identified in young children. The length of a migraine attack can vary widely from person to person. Most migraines will last for at least four to five hours. If you are having a migraine attack that lasts for more than three days, you should visit your local emergency room. Migraines and the Phases Migraine attacks will typically follow four stages. A person can have a migraine that will skip one or more of the phases and each person is different. Suffering from a migraine that does not begin with a headache is possible and these types are known as acephalgic migraines. It is important to remember that migraine headaches can vary widely from person to person. Migraine and Headache There is a big difference between a headache and a migraine. A migraine [...]

2009, 2018

Light Therapy Treatment Benefits

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Celluma light therapy treatment improves cellular health to relieve pain, reduce signs of aging and eliminate acne.   Light Therapy Treatment for Healthy Pain Relief This technology is scientifically proven to relieve many types of pain including arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness. Our light therapy device stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - the fuel that drives our cells, therefore, this therapy provides compromised cells with the energy to regain and restore vitality naturally. By boosting cellular energy, it creates many effects such as micro-circulation, tissue repair, and decreases pain and inflammation. Our device benefits: arthritis, post-surgical healing, muscle spasms, muscle pain, joint pain, muscular tension, joint and muscle stiffness, and diminished local circulation. Pain Relief Treatment Protocol Recommendation Three treatments each week for 30 minutes sessions. You lay on a table, warm with a blanket, heat lamp on your feet, with the device angled over your pain area. You wear protective goggles and rest while the light therapy treats your pain.   Anti-Aging Treatment Our device uses wavelengths that are scientifically proven to improve your skin tone and clarity because it stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin. Our low-level light therapy is a safe, effective [...]

1309, 2018

What is Fibromyalgia?

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What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a common rheumatic disorder that falls in line right behind osteoarthritis. This condition is widely misunderstood and is a central nervous system disorder that affects the musculoskeletal system. This condition causes amplified pain and discomfort that shoots through the body. To put this into layman’s terms, people with fibro suffer from pain from stimuli that normally would not affect others. When a person suffers with Fibromyalgia, the symptoms can be vague or pronounced. The symptoms may be constant or intermittent and because of this, it is extremely hard to get an accurate diagnosis. The symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia are like those conditions that cause immune system disorders, immune system disorders, and muscular system disorders. For those who suffer from this disorder obtaining the proper diagnosis can be a frustrating and long process. What are the common symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Although this is the list of common symptoms of fibromyalgia it is important to keep in mind that the symptoms may be persistent or intermittent and not all sufferers have the same degree of pain. · Joint pain and stiffness – Usually worse in the morning but can be a constant all through the day [...]

2607, 2018

Jade Massage Table with Infrared Heat Therapy

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Have you tried a Jade Massage Table with Infrared Heat Therapy Yet? Maybe you are thinking, what is a Jade Massage Table and What are the Benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy? And, why are they combined? Traditionally, Jade is very popular in the Chinese culture for its health properties (think cleanse, detox) as well as being a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Combining Jade stones with a massage table and infrared heat therapy works well because of the ability of the jade stones to hold heat and for the infrared heat to penetrate the body up to 8 inches. The infrared heat comes through the polished, round jade stones and therapeutically rolls up and down your spine, back, legs -- getting all points from head to toe! It's amazing. What Are Some Benefits of the Jade Massage Table with Infrared Health Therapy? Our Jade massage table naturally does spinal traction and decompression. It increases circulation and relieves minor joint, muscle, and tissue pain. Also, the jade massage table will also help you to get rid of any stiffness that you may have along your spine, rid arthritic pain, relieve muscle spasms and pain, increase relaxation, and decrease your stress level.  Your [...]

506, 2018

June Specials

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Membership Sign-On Bonus: Join as Gold or Platinum Level Member in June and Receive a Bonus FREE 50 minute Massage. ($87 Value) Learn More

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May Specials

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New Client Special: The Dova Sampler Package (Savings of $148! Only $297, Regularly $445.) Includes: New Patient Acupuncture Treatment, Acupuncture Health Screening, Medical Foot Soak, 50 Minute Massage, and One Infrared Sauna Session. New Client Special: Acupuncture/Massage Combo 1st Visit Package (Savings of $47! Only $217, Regularly $264.) Includes: New Patient Acupuncture Treatment and One 50 Minutes Massage. Learn More