Cold and Flu Season

The Cold and Flu Season is just around the corner – are you ready?

The cold and flu season shows up quickly in Colorado. The kids are back to school, sharing germs, coworkers are still traveling and picking up germs, and the weather is cooling off which can be tricky to plan for, especially in Colorado.

There is no need to fear the cold and flu season. As long as you are prepared to go into the cold and flu season feeling strong, you have a better chance of not getting sick. And, if you do get sick, it won’t last that long as long as you prepared for it.

What are some things you can do to boost your immune system during cold and flu season?

  • Sleep – our bodies need more sleep in the winter. Give yourself adequate rest time as well. If you normally sleep 7-8 hours each night, try to add another 1-2 hours during the winter. Yes, seriously:)
  • Exercise – even though it’s colder outside, it’s important to keep your circulation moving and to keep your stress level in check. Fresh air is key as well as getting cardio. If you absolutely cannot stand exercising outside, then, go to a gym. But, beware of gym equipment and germs. Wash your hands a lot.
  • Drink ginger tea. In fact, add in fresh ginger and turmeric to boost your immune system to stave off the cold and flu season altogether.
  • Make sure you keep your neck covered when you are outside. You do not want to catch a chill. Also, make sure your head and feet are warm. In your home, make sure to wear warm socks and slippers. Bare feet on hard floors is a surefire way to get a cold or flu by weakening your immune system.
  • Eat steamed and stewed meals. Do not eat raw vegetables – they take too much time and energy to break down for your system.
  • Injections for Prevention of Cold and Flu

    • If you aren’t able to do these things, or, you need more support, we can help you at the Dova Center. We highly recommend immune system booster injections. We offer drop-in clinics each week. Call to find out when it’s happening this week: 303-955-7226.
    • B12 shots – overall energy booster and cold and flu season prevention.
    • Vitamin C shots – work well when combined with the B12 shots to decrease inflammation in your body.
    • Echinacea compound and Engystol shots – work very well to stimulate the defensive and immune system.
      • Stimulation of the body’s intrinsic defense in the cases of fever and inflammation, influenza-like infections, pharyngitis, furuncles, accesses, phlegmons, focal toxicosis, gingivitis, stomatitis, sinusitis, gastroenteritis, fistular suppurations, osteomyelitis, otitis media, chronic cerebral abscess, meningitis, anthrax, carbuncles, mononucleosis, skin diseases, mastitis, post-vaccination encephalitis.
    • Grippe shots – If you do get sick, at the onset of the cold and flu symptoms, we add in an ampoule of Grippe as it treats:
      •  body ache
      • malaise,
      • sore throats
      • chills
      •  colds
      • flu-like symptoms
      • It improves symptoms within 3 days. Gripp strengthens the immune system and stimulates phagocytic activity.
  • We also strongly recommend regular infrared sauna usage. There is a private sauna and shower at the Dova Center for your use before your next treatment. The sauna will help you to break a good sweat, therefore, stimulating your immune system. We recommend two times each week for a minimum of 20 minutes in order to prevent cold and flu season from getting to you.
  • Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs work well for prevention of the cold and flu as well as treatment if you do get sick. Plan ahead for your family and have a couple of our preventative and treatment formulas on hand.  Start taking them as soon as you don’t feel well. And, remember, the best way to thrive as a healthy human in the cold and flu season is to be preventative.

Call us today at the Dova Center to schedule an injection or a health screening to learn what your best preventative approach is to stay healthy this cold and flu season. 303-955-7226.