Dova Center Louisville, CO Acupuncture

and Boulder CO Acupuncture and Massage Day Spa Services

Louisville, CO Acupuncture Boulder, CO Acupuncture

Louisville, CO Acupuncture and Boulder, CO Acupuncture at Dova Center

Louisville, CO Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine is our specialty and are provided for your health and healing.

Acupuncture Treatments
Louisville, CO Acupuncture Boulder, CO Acupuncture

Louisville, CO Massage at Dova Center

The Dova Center offers a wide range of the best massage treatments to support relaxation and stress reduction, and heal the pain of sports injuries, back pain or pre-natal discomforts.

Massage Treatments
Louisville, CO Acupuncture Boulder, CO Acupuncture

Louisville, CO Spa at Dova Center

The Dova Center offers the best day spa in Louisville, CO and assortment of body treatments to nourish, repair, and revitalize your skin.

Spa Treatments
Louisville, CO Infrared Sauna

Louisville, CO Infrared Sauna at Dova Center

Dova Center is proud to offer a high-quality Infrared Sauna available to the public. Schedule your appointment today.

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About Us

The Dova Center for Health and Healing in Louisville, CO and Boulder, CO is a one-stop healing center that offers the best acupuncture and massage care in Boulder County. We offer traditional Chinese medicine (Louisville, CO acupuncture and Boulder, CO acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxa, guasha, nutrition), therapeutic Louisville, CO massages, Louisville, CO spa treatments (facials, body scrubs, microdermabrasion, steam tent massage), and meditation classes. We specialize in Boulder, CO fertility acupuncture, pregnancy, postpartum support, hormone balancing, pediatrics, detox, sports therapies, pain elimination (back, neck, migraines), allergies, stress reduction, insomnia, cosmetic acupuncture, and vision health. The Dova Center’s experienced practitioners support your health, quality of life, and longevity by offering high-quality services at an affordable price. The Dova Center is a supportive and peaceful place to visit where you will reconnect with your radiant self in Louisville, Colorado.

I wanted to create a center where friends and community members would come to feel good together and receive that support from each other. My Louisville, CO acupuncture and Boulder, CO acupuncture patients started asking me to offer all of the practices I was recommending to them under one roof. Having experienced serious injuries from a car accident and then developing a degenerative eye condition that nearly left me blind a few years ago, I was motivated more than ever to focus on my health center to help me heal as well. The Dova Center started providing acupuncture in Louisville, Co and was born in May 2013…We continue to grow as practitioners and are enjoying the community that thrives at the Dova Center. We are the best health and healing center in Louisville, Colorado.

The Dova Center’s practitioners have dozens and dozens of years of combined experience and ultimately want to help you to achieve your health goals in the most suitable way. We listen to you and adapt our offerings to accommodate you and your needs. Our community is family. When you come to the Dova Center , you feel at home and comfortable to ask questions and get as much information as you need. Every therapeutic treatment is unique to your needs and desires. We listen, we care, and we do the best we can possibly do with each and every client and patient that comes to us for support.

My husband, Carl, and I have an amazing son named Rocco. You may get to meet these fine men when you come in for a visit or see us around town as we live in Louisville, Colorado.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Be well,

Gina Rosella Terinoni, LAc, MTCM, CYT

Owner and director of the Dova Center for Health and Healing

Best Louisville, CO Acupuncturist and Best Boulder, CO Acupuncturist

“Those tiny acupuncture needles powered through something, I can’t say what, but something…I had a huge emotional release and the tears flowed freely…it felt amazing. [Preparing for the] next chapter, our child, a new me, my family…incredible, powerful, amazing stuff. “
Olga, Boulder, CO
“I had the pleasure of working with Gina in a client’s home during the mother’s early labor. Gina’s presence was calming and helped the mother progress into active labor. Gina, is competent, professional and incredibly compassionate. Working with her was such a joy and I would highly recommend her services to pregnant, laboring and new mothers”
Lisa Waldo - Doula, Boulder, CO
“Words cannot express our gratitude for what you have helped us to accomplish, the birth of our son… You got me to a point I never even considered…where I would be eating healthy, taking herbs, and feeling so dynamic again. Every day and every birthday we share with our son, we will always think of you.”
Tori, Carmel, CA
I have been a patient of Gina’s for 4 years. Gina’s acupuncture, massage, cupping, and herbalist services have enabled me to heal from complex knee surgery quickly and get back to an active lifestyle. Gina looks at the whole person to best determine a lasting healing strategy. Gina is highly professional; her services are greatly effective, and it is a joy to be her patient.”
Katie, Boulder, CO
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