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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a diagnostic and medical treatment system whose written literature dates back almost 2,500 years. Currently, one quarter of the world’s population seeks medical treatment from Chinese Medical practitioners.

Mechanisms of Chinese Medicine Treatments and Your Body’s Response

TCM is based on the philosophy of yin and yang, polar and complementary aspects of Nature. In Nature, Qi is the driving force, otherwise referred to as “energy.” While viewing nature as a whole system, TCM understands that all things and energies are effected by and related to one another. By using extensive diagnostic tools based on TCM theory, Gina strives to rebalance her patient’s system by treating the root (cause) of the imbalance along with the branches (symptoms).

How Our Body Functions

QI, in Chinese Medicine, represents the vital force of life. In English, this term is best represented as:

1. oxygen
2. as an action describing the functions of the organs and the interrelation between the body’s various systems.

Oxygen, Blood, and, Body Fluids affect our health, including the appearance and condition of our skin. Oxygen, blood, and body fluids are the material foundation for functional activities of our body. They originate from food essences and are influenced by our genetics.


  • Repairs, warms and regulates the body temperature.
  • Defends against invasions (i.e. colds, infections).
  • Checks and regulates the body’s systems.
  • Works with the blood and body fluids.


  • Nourishes and the body, specifically the organs, muscles, tendons, skin, and various tissues.
  • Depends on oxygen to flow throughout the body.

Body fluids

  • Moisten and nourish various parts of the body. If our blood is weak, or, gets disrupted, you can see why we may experience lack of luster in our face, or, maybe have dry skin.

Our body is considered to be in balance when all of our systems are functioning properly. This balance or flow in the body creates health and represents our quality of life.

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