Acupuncture for Cancer Support

Acupuncture for Cancer Support Acupuncture is a great tool for treating pain conditions of all kinds. Did you know acupuncture also alleviates cancer pains caused by actual cancer and western medications? What many people don’t know is that acupuncture can treat a lot more than pain. One of the things acupuncture is great at treating are the side-effects from cancer treatments.  Side Effects of Western Cancer Treatment Dry mouth, fatigue, pain, night sweating, nausea, hot flashes, skin sensitivity, nerve pain, joint pain - all of these are common symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy. And, all of them can be successfully treated with acupuncture. Many major hospitals, such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cleveland Clinic, offer inpatient acupuncture for cancer support to help with these side effects. The acupuncture treatments also help patients tolerate treatment, thus resulting in better outcomes. Acupuncture and nutritional support can also help with restless sleeping, anxiety, depression, and stimulating appetite, all further helping cancer treatment to be tolerated. This makes acupuncture for cancer support a great tool in your or your loved ones health treatment plans. Acupuncture treats the whole person, mind, and body. It is a safe therapy that many people centers use to support patients with cancer. Acupuncture for cancer support is a complementary treatment alongside your western protocol. However, acupuncture cannot treat cancer, and it is important to continue treatment with your medical doctor. Acupuncture can also help during remission, to help you get your energy and vitality back after treatment. In addition, at the Dova Center, we help caretakers care for themselves by treating stress and anxiety that may come with helping a loved one who is going through cancer treatment. Daily support for cancer patients is [...]